“Handcrafted Technology” outpours from a “Philosophized Fabricating Method” based on a distilled result of respect. It abides on an attitude of mind, where fulfillment is a journey of constant exploration and not a destination. It is a philosophy and a way of life.
Eminence is never an accident.

Soema was set-up in 1985 by two progressive engineers who visioned the future with innovative products and patents that eventually would originate a significant difference, by “embracing technology and human mastery” in a balanced artisan way.
Through this inspired working philosophy, Soema targeted solemnly the field of “professional requirements”, succeeding to create respect and acceptance for the brands products in this difficult, demanding and polymorphic segment.
Today, we are proud to function, research, design, continuously upgrade our work force skills and produce by using specially adopted programs, machinery, and “technological solutions bonded with unaltered traditional tool elements”, which have being formulated, developed and controlled by hundreds of hours dedicated work, knowledge and craftsmanship experimenting. In this way, we “motivate artisan persistence” and through “spherical social understanding”, we insist in the “handcrafted final mastery touch” for all stages of our production.


Handcrafted Technology functions with pluralism and understanding. Without negating mechanical or technological advantages, predicates strongly that inventive sensitivity and even more, necessity, must honor the final result by conflating justifiably all humane life standards and values with technology and progress.

Soema is the one of the first companies that has been able to combine consciously this “Handcrafted Core Philosophy” and merge its consolidated production of photocell electronic systems with the planning and manufacturing of furnishing and modular compositions in various materials like CHPL, CORIAN, STAINLESS STEEL and GLASS.

The mastered “No Touch” patents of our sanitary electronic equipment and the wide range of structures designed, gives us the possibility to project and fully equip the most challenging “High Traffic Sanitary Areas & Changing Room Facilities” in any professional environment.

Today, making anothe rstep forward, by creating the self-standing or wall-mounted “Sanitary Prefabricated Inspectional Systems” SPIS and parallel the “Modular Prefabricated Perimeter System” MO.PPS, that adopt all our patents, we can say that Soema has reached a mature stage of insigh tgiving the market “another option” that can be revolutionary.

We don’t only project our areas of interest with “out of walls” hydraulic, sewage, electric and ventilation networks adjusted on our systems, but we add value by producing and composing in-house all final products involved with a “Handcrafted Technological Method”, follow-up activities, install and finalize furnishing these areas in a record time.