Soema created a new line of cubicles: "IMPERIAL” with unique characteristics, using top materials like GRES porcelain and GLASS. Their conventional use becomes out of the ordinary with the new and revolutionary automatic door.

Glass and porcelain are materials that even in areas with high traffic, help ensuring maximum performances in terms of hygiene and design; technological developments made possible the creation of  larger and thinner slabs to produce doors and walls 14mm-thick without joints.

The great possibility of GRES finishes and the multiple RAL colors of the GLASS can be completed by the COPERNICO system; IMPERIAL GRES and IMPERIAL GLASS are therefore highly customizable and it is currently the safest product on the market.

The option to integrate “COPERNICO” (automatic door system) to Imperial cubicles, guarantees a very high level of hygiene and safety to the users.

“COPERNICO” system allows easy accessibility to any user; it also has an internal and external emergency opening system.

Download here the brochure of IMPERIAL G-G