The partitions GALLERIA are made of 14mm-thick stratifaid C-HPL and (Compact High
Pressured Phenolic Laminate) with smoothed edges and rounded angles to protect and help
cleaning efficiency high.
They are assembled through section bars in (alloy T 60/60) called “Chain”, that holds the
structure together, and where where ledges including both anti-theft gaskets and self-closing
hinges are are placed.
The self-closing aluminium hinges are adjustable and fitted with antirubbing bushes in plastic
material, specially prepared metal shock absorbers that are inserted in the core of the door
and rubber flanges, that are fitted on the full internal front finishing of the door as well as the
opposite stricking panel, thus minimizing annoying slamming.
Each partition module is fixed to the floor by an adjustable leg, creating a free-flow space of
200mm from the floor for cleaning efficiency. Each leg is covered for protection and finishing
design by a cylindrical plastic stud in silver colour.
Along the upper “chain” and over each door, a discreet occupancy light can be fitted to direct
users easily to the free toilet cabins.
The Galleria boxes are equipped with stainless steel free-engaged locks with indication and
emergency opening. All hardware are inserted in the core of the panels. The self-closing doors
stay open for 10cm to help in opening from the outside, since door knobs or handles are not
used to leave the whole surface of the door intact for sufficient disinfecting and easy cleaning.