Soema series SCENA is a high-level product, manufactured by a handcrafted technological
methodology that pays special attention to details and essential shapes. Its smooth surfaces
without protruding parts are easy to clean and extremely practical.
The partition boxes of this product line are made of 14mm-thick stratifaid C-HPL (Compact High
Pressured Phenolic Laminate) that are prepared with smoothed edges and rounded angles.
The doors are endowed with antirubbing bushes in plastic material and self-closing hinges in
anodized aluminium.
Specially prepared metal shock absorbers are also inserted in the core of the doors to eliminate
even more the possibility of hard closing and slamming.
The elliptic stainless steel lock is inserted in the kraft core of the door thickness without
outriggers and is fitted with a free/engaged indication device as well as an emergency opening
system. Along the upper side of each partition, a section bar in anodized aluminium called
“chain” holds the whole structure together.
The partitions are connected to the existing walls through in aluminium section fitted with a
adjustable system to square them perfectly.
The modules of the partition boxes rest upon legs in anodized aluminium creating a free flow
space of 150mm from the floor. A protecting cover in silver plastic covers the lower part of
each foot which is fixed to the floor through an adjusting screw and a stainless steel flange
inserted within.