Colour Glass


The wide range of sliding doors in C-HPL (SIPARIO) and in tempered glass (COLOUR GLASS),
either in the manual or in the automatic version, has been designed to allow users to access public
places more easily, reducing at the same time as much, space as possible.
Available in a large number of colours, they can be matched perfectly to the surrounding space.
The lightness of glass as well as the suggestive brightness of their peculiar features make this
type of items particularly outstanding. Glass doors can be Nano-technologically treated to reduce
cleaning from polution and finger stains.
Designed and produced for for heavy use.
Thanks to their various applications (right opening - two door opening - left opening),
automatic sliding doors can be used to solve a wide range of problems when there is a space

Main features:
• Motion reducer complete with microprocessor electronic encoder
• Sliding guide in anodized aluminium extruded profile
• Sliding on wheels in reinforced nylon
• Traction by means of a toothed belt in electroconductive synthetic material
• Encoder electronic anti-crushing device
• Emergency operation with 24 V cc batteries built into the automation
• Automatic and manual adjustments with trimmer and dipswitch
• Glass doors can be Nano-technologically treated.