Electronic shower poles for cold or premixed water D 520 and
D 521 have been conceived in order to comply with the needs
of seaside resorts, camping sites, swimming pools and sports
Thanks to the counter-plate buried into the concrete base, in
open-air spaces such equipment can be disassembled and
put away at the end of each season. The outer panelling is in
AISI316 stainless steel with micro glass-bead peening finish.
The shower arms – two or four according to customers’
demand - are made of brass and endowed with large shower
heads delivering a adequate quantity of water even at low
The shower poles housing the hydraulic part can be equipped
with two different types of controls integrated in the same
structure of the shower pole: D518 (coin-box) or D523.
The main features of the electronic controls are described in the
specific sections dedicated to them.

with 2 coin-boxes D530/2T12Vac
with 2 coin-boxes (D518) + 1 foot-washing system (D523) D530/2T12Vac
with 4 coin-boxes D530/2T12Vac
with two coin-boxes D530/2P2 battery (1,5V)
with 2 coin-boxes (D518) + 1 foot-washing system (D523), batteryoperated D530/2LP2 battery (1,5V)
with 4 coin-boxes (D518), battery-operated D530/4P2 battery (1,5V)
with 2 controls (D523) D521/2T12Vac
with 2 controls + 1 foot-washing system (D523) D521/2LT12Vac
with 4 controls (D523) D521/4T12Vac
with 2 controls (D523), battery-operated D521/2P2 battery (1,5V)
with 2 controls + 1 foot-washing system (D523), battery-operated D521/2LP2 battery (1,5V)
with 4 controls (D523), battery-operated D521/4P2 battery (1,5V)