Building strong foundations abroad is a difficult and long procedure for any company. Some companies are less fortunate, some are more. We believe that we categorise in the second, since we feel and believe without arogance, that we are a unique solution in our approach to the commercial fast traffic bath interiors.


In this manner, for nearly two years "Soema" has being building the foundations of a strong collaboration in the US market with "Carvart", a worthy partner from New York. Currently, the Soema Colour Glass and CHPL Partitions as also the Self-sufficient Integrated Handwashing Units can be found in the US under the combined logotype " Carvart by Soema handcrafted technology".


It is easier to function and work with people that understands you. Carvart is a professional partner who functions under the same philosophy and rules in the contract industry. With a concrete technical and engineering segment that we support daily, a fantastic showroom in the heart of New York and over 45 Representatives all over the main US cities. Carvart is presenting and implementing the Soema design, hygienic philosophy and handcrafted simplicity as a sole distributor.


Today, we are pleased and proud as our collaborating team in the US, to inform that Carvart has opened a second permanent showroom in Chicago and has also won the "Silver" Neocon award for architectural products, by presenting the "Carvart by Soema" gamma of technological handcrafted commercial bath innovations.


We wish our partner and his dedicated team of people, a unique and prosperous future.