SOEMA means respect

SOEMA, since 1985, has excellently aimed at satisfying the most specific needs with the use of machineries and technological solutions, with unchanged elements of traditional tools; "Handcrafted Technology" comes from a Manufacturing Philosophical Method, the result of which is a distillate of respect and challenge.

SPIS (Sanitary Prefabricated Inspectional Systems) was created to provide a complete turnkey prefabricated solution, equipping “High Frequency Sanitary Spaces and Changing Rooms” with self-supporting or wall-mounted systems, equipped with hydraulic plants, drains, electrical and ventilation systems “outside the wall".

SOEMA has always had a big respect of the environment; in fact thanks to our electronic systems, it ensures an 80% water saving compared to a system with manual control.

Moreover, the exceptionally high quality of our products guarantees durability, repairability and compatibility with the various needs, thus extending the useful life of your areas granting, therefore, less waste and considerable financial savings.