How Soema helps you in the Covid-19 emergency period.


No-Touch :

No-Touch system by Soema grants top efficiency and a very high level of hygiene thanks to the total absence of contact.

Hygienic surfaces :

we project taking care of all surfaces with no interstices and no roughness so that there is no possibilities for dirt and bacteria. We choose materials and solutions for long life span but mainly to make easy cleaness and sanification.




Consumptions :

Automatic systems by Soema allow to reduce up to 80% water consumptions compared to standard mechanical solutions, granting environmental protection and cost control.

Durability :

“handcrafted technology” means that each product is hand-made, with the experience and attention of a craftsman combined with the precision of the most modern technologies available.



In replying :

Soema is besides you! All our distributors, agents, collaborators are ready to support you everywhere and in any way.

Service and installation :

all products are engineered by our over 30-year experience. We keep studying many different needs and re-consider all details to achieve the best solution to be easily installed and serviced.




For end users :

SOEMA means guaranteed higyene.

24 Months :

after sale is granted all life-time and under warranty for 24 months.