Time economy
SPIS. is a solution that can eliminate practically time shortages. The fact that the whole system is “Modular and Prefabricated” ensures an “Earlier Start of Preparations” and a greater “Predictability of Programming” which gives the possibility to install on site easier, faster and with the ability to adjust.
This can bring an astonishing result of up to 60% time economy in finalizing any project.

Economy of works, material and sustainability improvement When applying SPIS. the preliminary and finishing works calculated in a classical solution are not needed contributing highly to waste, works and material reduction.

At the same time by “Transferring Preparation Work” to a “Controlled Off-Site Production” strengthens the safety issues “Minimizing the Accident Possibility Ratio” and the “Impact of Construction Activities” on-site, including “Noise” and “Vehicle Movements”, thus upgrading working levels.