MO.PPS: A flexible“Modular Prefabricated Perimeter System” composed of “Self-bearing” 82mm “Thermo-acoustic Partition Sandwich Panels” with finishing of “Compact High Pressure Laminate” (C-HPL) surfaces that can be easily assembled on the spot.
The system is unique to separate and divide “Fast Traffic Sanitary Areas and Changing Facilities” avoiding adequately classical masonry works.
Soema has designed and created MO.PPS to finalize spherically the SPIS. family, targeting a complete prefabricated solution for perimeter space forming, dividing and equipping “Vast Sanitary Areas and Changing Facilities”, based on the same ideas of time economy, simplicity, sufficiency, long life, mobility, hygiene and that of one producer-provider.

The system has all the “Basic Characteristics of the SPIS. Family” and can also bear full sanitary, hydraulic and electrical equipment attached with out-of-walls application and with the extra ability to create easily floor to ceiling finished “Sound-effective Modular Perimeter Wall Dividers” or “Sound-effective Modular Room Space Dividers and Corridors” substituting the brick, cement or gypsum wall masonry.

Except the special advantages SPIS. family provides MO.PPS is delivered with the finished effect chosen and no secondary works (plaster, tiles, paint) are needed after their installation. The modular system allows the relocation or rearrangement of a space without difficulty or dust production and has the ability to adopt the strong“Compact High Pressure Laminate” (C-HPL) doors at any perimeter point designed.

Prefabricating with MO.PPS is time economical and energetic since the vast amount of finishing decors provided does not demolish the ability to create a complete product with imagination and color.